This is what I find when I get distracted…

April 3, 2008

First of all, here’s a site I found via 42 Must-Bookmark Resources for Web Designers. Might not be too useful for us at this point in the class, but they’re interesting links none the less.

Ghost Sites of the Web is a blog about Web 1.0 sites that are still up, defunct sites, and sites that are just terrible. There’s even a video from 1994 about the web and its content. The whole site, and that video, really give us a glimpse at how the web’s changed in only a few years.

Speaking of the history of the internet and computers, I just got off the phone with my mom. When my mom was a grad student (she was studying math, ugh) in the late 60’s, early 70’s, she worked on the mainframe computers. She said that even then the technology moved so fast that her professor went to school in the summer and taught what he learned in the fall. She was also the only woman in most of those classes, by the way. I asked if she knew of ARPANET at the time, but unfortunately she said no. She did reminisce about the bb’s of the 80, early modems, microcomputers, and having to use DOS, though.

There’s another article that I can’t seem to find right now. The blogger bought a magazine from 1967 off of ebay. In it, there was an article on how the future of technology will make it easier for the government to track your life. Basically the blogger stated that, if they changed around a few terms, it could have been mistaken as an article written by the EFF. I agree with that; it’s always creepy when something from the past is so accurate. I only wish I could find the article. Does anybody know what I’m talking about? It was on digg a few weeks ago, I think. It even had scanned copies of the actual magazine.

Now I will stop slacking off and find those articles for class.


2 Responses to “This is what I find when I get distracted…”

  1. webstuff2 said

    Wow, the old sites kinda got to me. I can’t believe the Mosaic site, which I must have accessed a couple hundred times as this was the first commercial browser. I still have two books about how to use Mosaic, both published in 1994. I would never get rid of that relic! Another book from the same year was Managing Internet Information Services, published by a new publisher – O’Reilly & Associates. It had a chapter on HTML, the first published reference to the HTML language.

    Thanks for sharing this, I never knew there was a collection of the old sites. Talk about a good learning tool!


  2. Lindsey said

    Thanks for posting that link about the must-bookmark sites, that looks like a really good resource (and *insanely* distracting!) That 1994 video is awesome, too. Why do all the sites look green? Were they green back in the day? Good stuff.

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