RSS Feeds

April 10, 2008

It is mostly agreed that RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication. Basically an RSS feed is a tool that lets a person view site updates without actually going to the website. They can be accessed using Live Bookmarks, or through a feed reader such as Google Reader. This way, the person only has to go to one place to view the updates. It is only one of many ways to organize information found on the web.


2 Responses to “RSS Feeds”

  1. jdbosley said

    Nicole, you should read this article I found…
    It has a lot of general and technical information about RSS feeds. I found it very interesting.

  2. nicosilva said

    That is an interesting link. I love how it breaks down the technical information like that. Did you check out the links at the end? The one titled “Syndication Goes Mainstream” goes into such detail about it.

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