Personal Learning Environment

April 13, 2008

When I first read about Personal Learning Environments, the first thought that came to my mind was: why wasn’t I told this before? The concept should be incorporated into every classroom. This would really help limit the hand-holding that many teachers seem to do.

Using a PLE would get me in touch with others out there who are trying to learn the same thing I am, which would help me understand the information that much more clearly. Content aggregators would be so helpful in organizing links involving the class, and would help others find the information. To be really immersed in learning something would be ideal, so I would like to try making my own PLE.

This blogger really goes into detail about what she uses in her PLE. She has such good tools, I think I’ll try to emulate what she has. Maybe. That may be to complicated for a PLE-newbie like me.

I read a blog (here) that mentioned a class wiki. Does that sound like a good idea for this class? It would not only put the information we learned in class into one location, it would also force us to think about the topics. Maybe it could even be an IMD-wide wiki, so that the students who are about to graduate could help contribute. That way, the upper levels would be more likely to network with us who are just starting. What does everyone think?

What about keeping in touch with each other using IM? I would prefer Skype, personally, but some people may be unable to download such a thing. Maybe setting up something that can be used with The problem with that would be coordinating people’s schedules.

What about Flock? Anybody use it? It’s a browser with social networking tools built into it. It sounds like it would be useful to help organize our PLE’s.


6 Responses to “Personal Learning Environment”

  1. jdbosley said

    I felt the same way when reading about them. I think we need to begin utilizing more of these tools provided, obviously trying too many at once would present some problems though. I think chatting might be an interesting idea, the scheduling would be difficult though. I think it would be hard to catch other students online since we probably all have very differing schedules.

  2. jlphannah said

    First time I have heard of meebo (pst…the link doesn’t work, had to type it in the address bar), but it sounds really cool. has a similar setup for Yahoo Messenger.

    As far as PLE’s are concerned I guess I’ve always had one just didn’t realize it was called that. Mine is kinda low-tech, still using bookmarks and copying links into Word and placing brief descriptions by them. I tried Google Reader over the weekend and liked it so much that I’m trying to get my hubby to use it. 😀

    I agree with Jd, IMing would be great, but schedule conflicts would be an issue. What if we tried creating a forum to interact with?

    The animation program has a forum setup for their students it would be great to have one setup for Web Design students. That way we won’t have to worry about scheduling conflicts as much and we could set user info up like they have where it lets you know if someone is online or not. So that way you can get a live response, plus you can IM them through it. Its definitely an idea to consider. Would make an interesting class project??

  3. jdbosley said

    I think we should talk to Mr. Batchelder about that, it does sound like a fun class project.

  4. I think that would be a good idea to have an IMD-wide Wiki. There is so much we can learn from each other, especially the more experienced students. With so many options for that type of environment, I wonder which would be the best option? That is a really good idea, though, nice work.

  5. mwcain81 said

    I agree that PLE’s should be taught in schools but when you look at it its hard to evaluate what makes a good one. I dont know that the structure of modern schools is ready to teach and evaluate something as individually unique as a PLE.

  6. usernumber said

    Yeah we should have IM hangout time… but it should be voluntary! I use MSN messenger… but I’d be willing to get another one.

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